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Sunday, December 5

Author: JustLoseItMatt

Hey, I'm Matt. I'm on a journey to lose weight. I've been overweight for many years and I am now trying to lose it.

Finding love in lockdown [ad]

Its no secret that me and my partner met online, we met through our shared love on Youtube, Gaming and content creation. For 10 years I have been with my partner and we have started a family and life seems great. But this got me thinking about the current state of our world. With many places around the world currently in lockdown a lot of people are finding it very hard to find their soul mate, with lockdown restrictions making it so we can't even leave our homes unless for essential reasons, sadly looking for love doesnt quite fit into that, so I thought I would detail some of the things I did back when me and my partner first met, how we kept the interest alive and how even though we were 200 miles apart, we still managed to have fun, playing games and creating content. 1) Gaming ...