Things I have learned since starting my Calorie Deficit.

Well, it’s officially been 140 days since I started my calorie deficit. Starting on January 14th 2021, I went into this thinking I would more than likely give up after a month or two, but here we are almost 5 months later, still going with the same burning desire to lose the weight I’ve put on over the years.

When writing this post, I can happily report that through restricting my calorie intake, I have managed to lose an amazing 19.8 lbs, which is almost 1 and a half stone for my fellow Brits.

I always said going into this, the bare minimum I want to lose each week is 1 lb, and now, 20 weeks later, I can look back and say I achieved that goal.

But If I could go back in time to the version of myself who is just starting to embark on this journey, here’s a few things I would love to say.

1) Its okay to have cheat days.

HARROW CHEATMEALS delivery from Harrow - Order with Deliveroo

I never wanted to restrict the types of food I ate, simply just the portion sizes I was eating and therefore lowering the calorie intake, I have to admit I’ve had my fair share of takeaways during this journey, and the one thing I would love to tell myself in the past would be, that its okay to have cheat days, you don’t have to feel guilty about going over your daily allowance or even going under your allowance. Weight loss is not linear, and the funny thing is, I always put on more weight during the weeks I hadn’t had any ‘treat meals’.

2) Your weight will fluctuate…a lot.

Let your scales not fluctuate anymore - BW Healthcare

I guess I always thought that being in a deficit would mean I would constantly be losing weight. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, I’ve had some amazing losses, but I’ve also had weeks where I have gained weight—1lbs here another 2lbs there. But the important thing to remember is that this journey will take just as much time as it took to put on the weight in the first place. I didn’t become overweight overnight, so it’s silly to expect a constant decline in my weight.

3) Take measurements, for the love of God. Just do it!

How to measure for weight loss | Garcia Weight Loss & Wellness

During a few of these ‘bad weeks’ where I would have out on a couple of pounds, I often felt demotivated and felt as though I was at a standstill. Countless people in my TikTok comments urged me to take measurements, and I always said I would. But never did until about a month ago. Since then, I have seen the inches dropping off even if the number on the scale is going up. Muscle weighs more than fat, water retention is real, as well as countless other reasons why the scales might not be the best thing to focus on when losing weight.

Since taking the measurements, I have become a lot more confident in my food decisions. I don’t feel guilty about a cheeky McDonalds here and there, and I’ve even invested in an exercise bike that will help me burn more calories per day and allow me to be less restrictive on my food choices.

All three of those things I have just mentioned are things I wish I knew before I started, But like anyone who undertakes such a journey, it’s hard to get out of our own heads and change our beliefs, so I’m glad I was able to learn these lessons—the long way round.


Gym Kitchen Review

First, I have to preface this review by stating that I have NOT been paid for this review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Hey, My name is Matt, and I’m on a weight loss journey trying to lose 5 stone. I have been overweight for many years, and in January of 2021, I took hold of the reigns and decided to do something about it.

Since then, I have been documenting my weight loss journey on TikTok and have been loving every minute of it.

To help with the Calorie Deficit I have undertaken, I am always on the lookout for meal replacements or healthy meal alternatives.

Enter “Gym Kitchen“.

My self and my partner went to the local ASDA on Tuesday, and whilst there, we happened upon this range of healthy, high protein and low-calorie meals.

The Gym Kitchen - The Gym Kitchen meals now available at Asda stores! |  Facebook

I was very impressed with the range of flavours available in the shop, and I’m sure there’s more available than what I initially saw.

Price-wise, I was very impressed. £3.50 per portion or 2 for £5, effectively making it £2.50 per portion. It isn’t the cheapest option available, but as weight loss aids go, I would place this in the ‘affordable’ category.

Now let’s get on to the flavours available.

Gym Kitchen offers a wide range of flavours including, Chicken Tikka, Thai Green Chicken, Piri Piri Chicken, Chilli ‘Non’ Carne, Harissa Chicken and Korean Beef Chilli.

The flavours I chose to take home with me were Piri Piri x 2, Thai Green Chicken and Korean Beef Chilli costing me £10 in total for 4 days worth of lunches.

What did I think of them?

So far, I have tried the Piri Piri Chicken and have nothing but praise for the product. The portion sizes appear to be quite small, and as a big guy, I appreciate a larger portion, but this amount actually filled me up quite nicely for a long while. I suppose the protein content is so high that it reduced my hunger levels for a longer period than what a larger meal I prepared at home would.

Taste-wise, it was flawless. I love Piri Piri chicken and having been stuck indoors for the better part of 2 years, I have missed my Nandos fix. This meal, although not quite a Nandos, is a familiar and welcome replacement for that urge.

I posted a TikTok about my thoughts on this product as well as how to prepare it.


trying the new gym kitchen range. lovely stuff ##caloriecountinguk ##weightloss ##caloriedeficit ##weightlossjourney

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Gym Kitchen is available at ASDA and Co-Op, although I personally chose ASDA as you’re more likely to find them in stock.

Overall I would give Gym Kitchen a solid 8/10.

Calorie Counting Apps UK ( What I use)

There are loads of Calorie Counting Apps, but today, I’ll show you what I use. I’ve been doing this whole weight loss thing for about 2 months now, and I have used a few apps to aid me in achieving my goals. I think it’s super important to find an app that works for you when you’re losing weight, as it will help keep everything organized and keep you on track for longer.

If you’re like me and don’t like having to work out all of the individual macro’s for each food you eat, and you want something quick, easy and user friendly, then the only recommendation I can honestly give would be Nutracheck.

This article is NOT a sponsored post. I genuinely love and use this app and even pay for it with my own money.

What I love about Nutracheck

The app is super simple to use. Like I mentioned before, I’m not too fond of the idea of counting my calories by hand. If I had to do that, I’d probably have given up long ago. But With the Nutrachecks scanning feature, I can weigh my food, Scan the packaging and get an accurate result every time, which is fantastic.

Keeping track of your total calories.

Nutracheck also makes it super easy to track how many calories I’ve had throughout the day.

NutraCheck app? Has anyone used this app for calorie counting? I feel like  the app is being waaay too generous with exercise points. Granted I'm a  busy SAHP, but my only real

If you input your Height, Weight, Age and a few other details, it’ll actually give you a ‘Pretty good’ estimate of how many calories you should be eating. I say pretty well because I actually calculate my own calorie deficit using a special calculation. This app seems to use something very similar, so this is a pretty safe bet if you’re not a number nerd like me.

Paid/Free Version

So unlike a lot of calorie counting apps, Nutracheck is not free. I say that, but there is a free 7-day trial where you can test all of the features to see if you like it. The app will still function without a subscription. However, you will have limited functionality. I let my trial expire personally to see what would happen, and I could only add a maximum of 5 items for the day, which made tracking my daily intake just that little more inconvenient. But at £3.99 a month of £24.99 for a year, I can’t really complain as this app has been my Go-To solution for the past 8 weeks, and I don’t think I’ll ever look back.

(Justloseitmatt) How I started Weightloss in 2021

Hey everyone, this is Matt or Justloseitmatt on TikTok.

I decided in January, as it was as good a time as any, to start losing weight. I decided also, to start documenting my journey of weight loss on TikTok because that’s what all the cool kids are doing.

Inspired by the likes of Lawrencetiktok90, I set out by creating a brand new TikTok account and started posting content, Up to 6 times a day of what I was eating, How I was feeling and anything I could think of regarding my weight loss.

I can hands-down tell you it was the best thing I’ve ever done, I haven’t gone viral, I don’t have millions of followers, but the people that do follow me have been such a huge help to keeping me on track, I can’t even begin to tell you.

I’m currently sitting on around 2800 followers after 5 weeks of posting. 187 videos in and 13lbs lost already, I’m loving every minute of it.

I hope to continue my journey documenting it on TikTok but I am also branching out to Youtube and Instagram as well, My hope is to build a nice little community of like-minded people who, like me, want to lose weight and have fun doing it.


Good morning everyone and thank you for 900 followers. I’ll go live at 1k. #caloriedeficit #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossprogress

♬ Send Me on My Way – Guy Meets Girl

I’m not sure why, but the video above has been doing really well for me on TikTok gaining over 40,000 views and is probably responsible for me gaining nearly 3,000 followers within 5 weeks.

I do find the TikTok platform confusing though, I’m still learning how it works and what makes specific videos do well, but the main thing is I’m having lots of fun making short content that apparently, people love to see!


Chicken tenders made with cornflakes !? Omg you got to try this. #caloriedeficit #caloriecounting #weightloss #cornflakechicken #chickentenders

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