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Finding love in lockdown [ad] - Mattthedean
Sunday, August 1

Finding love in lockdown [ad]

Its no secret that me and my partner met online, we met through our shared love on Youtube, Gaming and content creation. For 10 years I have been with my partner and we have started a family and life seems great.

But this got me thinking about the current state of our world. With many places around the world currently in lockdown a lot of people are finding it very hard to find their soul mate, with lockdown restrictions making it so we can’t even leave our homes unless for essential reasons, sadly looking for love doesnt quite fit into that, so I thought I would detail some of the things I did back when me and my partner first met, how we kept the interest alive and how even though we were 200 miles apart, we still managed to have fun, playing games and creating content.

1) Gaming Nights

Gaming nights are fun, not just for people ina relationship but for friends and family to enjoy each others company and play something you all enjoy, Me and my partner would spend countless hours in 2011 playing Minecraft or Runescape and although we never really got very far in either game, the experience of enjoying that with the person you love is something quite special.

2) Creating content together

We have always been a creative couple, we both run a blog, Youtube channels and even stream on Twitch, so creating content with you s/o is a great way to scratch that creative itch whilst also spending time with them.

Streaming has become so much more accessible now, that you could both jump into discord, share your webcams and play together, remotley whilst being able to entertain others at the same time. This is something I’ve loved doing with my partner on her Twitch channel over the past year, although now we live together, this is much easier.

3) Date Nights

Any relationship requires effort, setting time aside to spend time with one another is important and with internet technologies now its even easier, back when me and my partner first got together we would spend countless hours over skype just chatting, having dinner or watching films. A long distance movie night is brilliant by the way. Just grab some popcorn, your favourite drink and cosy up in bed with your laptop. Pop open discord and press play together, being able to enjoy the same content is lovely and if youre anything like me you’ll be making your partner cry with laughter as I commentate on whatever it is we are watching.

This brings me onto the advertised portion of this post,, is a website that offers free gamer dating services, which is something I would have probably used back before I met my s/o. Having a community of likeminded people gives you more opportunities to find someone you can share your passions with and Gamer Dates ticks all the boxes in terms of a dating website.

According to Sky News Research found that dating apps made it easier for introverted people to find a partner.

I was never really big on dating websites. I was too much of a nerd to fit in on tinder, but I can see why this alterative would appeal to others like me.

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