How To Remove Music From Twitch VODs in OBS Studio

How To Remove Music From Twitch VODs in OBS Studio

This video will show you how to separate the audio tracks in your OBS settings so that when you end your stream, your music track will not be present. With DMCA being a massive issue, this aims to help resolve that, though to be 100% safe its recommended to always use royalty-free music where you can.

A good source for Royalty free music that doesn’t suck is StreamBeats by Harris Heller – I use them in my streams from time to time and have even used them for background music in my videos. Its 100% Free from DMCA and extendable to Youtube videos, Twitch Streams and any other creative platform you can think of.

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Removing the music track from the twitch vods will make uploading clips, highlights and post stream VOD’s to other platforms way easier as well as you won’t have to edit out any music that shouldnt be there.

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00:58 – Picking the Audio Source to isolate
02:14 – Adding the Audio Source to the correct audio track
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