How to Stream PS4 with OBS Studio – No Capture Card – Works with PS5

How to Stream PS4/PS5 with OBS Studio – No Capture Card – Super Easy!

Hey guys, so as some of you may know My graphics card broke on my PC, meaning I couldnt play games anymore, luckily I had a PS4 so I wanted to stream the PS4 gameplay to OBS so I could continue streaming on Twitch. This tutorial is a result of that struggle. I hope it helps!

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00:00 – Intro
00:27 – Explanation
00:37 – My PC Specs
00:58 – Download PS4/PS5 Remote Play
01:13 – Enable Remote Play on your console
01:37 – Installation
02:00 – Opening Remote Play
02:22 – Adding Remote Play To OBS
03:23 – Adding Overlays and Alerts
03:51 – Outtro