Jason David Frank the original green/white. this scene hits different in reverse.

Jason David Frank beat known as the original Green/White power ranger has sadly passed away. as someone who struggle switch mental health and as someone who has lost a parent to suicide this hit me hard. not just because of the way he died but Jason was my hero growing up, heck he was my hero for a large part of my adult life too. I’m not ashamed to admit I still watched power rangers deep into my adult years. it’s safe to say JDF had a massive impact on my life. he was the guy I aspired to be..he was kind, not just on screen but to all of his fans years after he handed in his Morpher. I followed his career as he was making legend of the white dragon and fell in love with Lord Drakon an alternate version if Tommy Oliver. I am beyond devastated that he is gone and it’s more important now to make sure you check on your friends and family. Because even your heroes suffer with mental health. noone is immune to depression.

I have been revisiting old clips and when I saw this I had to put it in reverse because it’s the most fitting way for me to pay tribute to a great man.

Rest in power, Jason. Thank you for making my childhood.

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