Website Redesign

For the last few days, I have been redesigning my website – I have always loved the retro-style design of how Runescape had their website back in 2009 – 2010 and so I sought after a theme that would fit my needs, after a few hours of searching I eventually came across 2010Scape made by Thomas Deer. I believe this is a project based on which had been converted to work with WordPress.

I was delighted to find a theme that looked EXACTLY how I wanted my site to be. I didn’t want to have a copy and paste version of the Runescape website, however, So I got to work editing the theme files to fit my goals. After a few days of work, I can now say that my site is complete. I may add things here and there, but overall I’m entirely pleased with the end result. You can check out 2009scape using the link above to compare the two designs.

I went with a Scifi/DoctorWho design as the majority of my content will be centered around that topic and I absolutely love it.

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